Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is this "blog" thing?

So I've never blogged before and I'm not sure that I'll be very good at it, but this is where I'll be updating everyone about my experiences in Spain. I leave September 17th so I probably won't have much to say until then, but if anything crucial happens I'll put it here.

I cancelled my facebook last night and if anyone is wondering why, it's because I felt like it was controlling me more than I was controlling it. I think most people can understand what I mean by that, at least on some level. Anyway, I'll be back once there's something interesting to talk about.



  1. Josh, this is going to be an amazing adventure for you! We look forward to hearing about it and seeing you when you return to hear the stories first hand. Maybe you could catch up with Marybeth and Pat Spivey in Germany... they have just settled there! Enjoy the ride. Trusting in God's blessings to be with you.
    Love, the Bolander Crew

  2. Awesome! I've got a blog too, hah just started this Summer. I've never been into 'blogging' either so we'll see how it goes. I DEFINITELY agree w/ you on the whole FB thing. I've deleted mine twice before & probably will after this semester since I kinda rely on it for CRU events. Hope everything is running smoothly for your trip! 8) I'll pray for a great year for you!