Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just watched last week's episode of The Office and thought it was hilarious.

Yesterday I hung out with Hugo most of the day. He was showing me a lot of the art that he has done and he introduced me to his favorite artist, Francis Bacon. We have similar tastes in art and it was actually really fun hearing him explain what he saw in the paintings.

After looking at the paintings he took me to some of the neighborhood's grocery stores and we bought a bunch of food. It's a long walk to the stores and we had so much food that my fingers almost fell off.

Last night I went and met up with my friend Erin who is in the same program as me and we actually had a class together my last semester at Maryland. She had been in contact with other auxiliars (that's what we're called) and so there were about 7 of us that went out to dinner together. They're a great group and I hope to hang out with them more.

So my biggest problem right now is that I am still sleeping like I'm in the United States. I didn't do a good job of adjusting my first few nights and since there have been a few times that I've stayed out late, I'm still not getting tired until about 4 or 5am. Today I actually slept until about 1:30pm, so I need to fix that.

The excitement of the transition is wearing off a little bit and while I'm always going to be excited to be here, I'm starting to miss a lot of people. Oh! I forgot to mention this the other day: the day that I flew out, mom and dad surprised me by telling me that they're bringing me home for Christmas! That was such awesome news and it has made it seem less daunting to be here for only about 3 months before visiting home. So I will see some of you then!


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