Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just experimenting

So Mom came in and handed me a few pictures that she dug up from when I was pretty young. I figure that pictures are going to be a big part of my blogging from Spain so I'm going to upload these to make sure I know how this works. The one on the left is of me and Dan Carson. We're enjoying our lollipops and wishing the paparazzi would just leave us alone. I'll admit, I eventually lost my cool when they wouldn't take the camera out of my face which explains the second picture.

Anyway, thanks for letting me try this out. I leave in about 7 days. It's a little bit hard to believe. Oh! I also joined twitter which I had always sworn I wouldn't do but I figure it's one more way for me to give out updates. My name on there is JBaker85. Follow me so I don't feel like a loser!


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