Monday, March 15, 2010

Remember me?

So after a couple people asked me, I decided enough time has gone by since I last updated my blog. It looks like the last time was around January 9th so... yeah... we're about due for one. The problem is, I have no idea where to start. I think the last two months have caused more positive change in me than the last 6 years combined. It feels like I am growing more mature and closer to God on a daily basis.

I have become pretty heavily involved in the church that I go to here in Madrid, which is called Oasis. It's a church that was founded by Christian Associates and it is still a pretty young church. It ministers to a lot of people like me who are only here for a year or two so its a very interesting community, but I have met some of the greatest people of my life there. I'm finding so many friends who are really on fire for Christ who are really challenging me to grow. After coming back to Spain I got myself into singing lessons with an American woman that lives here. She really knows her stuff so I'm learning a lot and I've started singing in church every now and then. Oh! Some of my friends here are really into the film thing (which used to be one of my aspirations), so using my friend's camera and my editing equipment we made a pretty hilarious video for our friend Amy's birthday. So not only do I sing now, you will also see that I've picked up some Flamenco skills.

Along with all of that, I have also been faced with some of the biggest challenges of my life, especially financially. The amazing thing is that while even now I am not sure how everything will work out, God has been reminding me along the way that He is totally in charge right now. Some of you were around for my big freak out over the summer which prompted a big, dramatic note on facebook. You'd think I would have learned after that how to rely on God but I still found myself in a panic not too long ago. However, I think I'm finally getting it through my head that He takes care of us in supernatural ways if that's what it takes and He hasn't let me go under yet. Now I'm totally at peace in this discomfort.

To sum it all up: I feel like Madrid before Christmas was one thing, and Madrid after Christmas has been a whole new level of awesome. I apologize that I haven't been keeping everyone updated better, but with all this stuff going on it has kept me pretty busy. I'm going to try and do better, I promise.


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